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Records are Made to be Broken

On my journey to a fitter healthier me, I had to set goals. Attainable goals.

And you know what goals I will attain? World Records.

What are your goals?

About Me

fitcollage4 years ago I found myself in the lowest, darkest place I could ever imagine. At 350+ lbs I was put in bed by the doctors because I had severe knee damage. If I was ever going to walk long term and try to avoid knee replacements I would need to be temporarily bedridden. At my heaviest weight ever it might as well have been a death sentence! I had nightmares of never getting out of that bed. It was at that point I KNEW I had to DO SOMETHING to change my life and my health.

The journey that has so far seen 188 lbs of fat lost and well over 50 lbs of lean mass added has been one heck of a roller coaster ride! At first I could hardly even exercise so it was key to find a nutrition program that I could stick with long term.

What has since transcribed has been a LOT of learning-both successes and failures have brought me to this point. A point where I can confidently say that I have the tools to help YOU reach your goals!

I have an incredible passion to help others navigate the maze of fitness and weight loss to achieve lasting results. I cannot wait to connect with you and go after your goals.


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